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Welcome to ERP (SAP) Integrator, a robust suite of enterprise-class components that enable developers to easily integrate connectivity with SAP systems regardless of development technology. The ERP Integrator supports RFCs and SAP services and allows developers to easily write desktop, server, and mobile applications for connecting to SAP.

The /n software ERP Integrator provides a simple way to call remote functions on a SAP R/3 and NetWeaver systems. There are no WSDL, DTD, or other XML structures necessary to map parameters and tables to remote functions. No advanced knowledge of the remote function is required - the ERP Integrator retrieves all of the request and response parameters as well as the definitions for each table, and provides simple interfaces for setting and retrieving data in these parameters and tables.

The ERP Integrator is built on top of the NetWeaver RFC SDK provided in the "sapnwrfc.dll" library, although you can also use the classic RFC SDK provided in the "librfc32.dll" library included with an R/3 server or inside a NetWeaver installation, and therefore requires the library to be installed on the system. Applications built with the /n software ERP Integrator will only work on machines with this library present.

If you are using the classic RFC SDK, the package has no dependencies other than librfc32.dll. However if you use the NetWeaver RFC SDK, there are a few additional dependencies. End users do not need to download the RFC SDK, GUI, NetWeaver, or any other utilities to run applications built with the /n software ERP Integrator.

Components Included
IDocReaderThe IDocReader component is used to parse IDoc documents.
IDocWriterThe IDocReader component is used to write IDoc documents.
SapABAPCodeThe SapABAPCode provides an easy way to execute ABAP code on a remote R/3 (NetWeaver) system.
SapClientThe SapClient makes communication between a client application and a SAP R/3 (NetWeaver) server extremely easy. This component is used to make remote function calls to the SAP system, and provides a simple interface for sending and receiving parameters and tables to and from those remote functions.
SapQueryThe SapQuery provides an easy way to execute queries on a remote R/3 (NetWeaver) system.
SapReadTableThe SapReadTable provides an easy way to read a table hosted on a remote R/3 (NetWeaver) system.
SapServerThe SapServer component provides a simple, easy to use interface for receiving remote function calls from the SAP R/3 NetWeaver system. You can register multiple functions and call them from inside NetWeaver, as if they were standard transactions.

Thank you for choosing ERP Integrator for your development environment. We realize that you have a choice among development tools. By choosing us you are counting on us to be a key component in your business and expect us to provide you with ongoing enhancements, support, and innovative products. We will do our best to meet your expectations!

You will always find ERP Integrator and any updates to the product at our web site - You may download full versions of our product for a free 30 day evaluation period.

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