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Welcome to PayPal Integrator, a comprehensive component set for PayPal merchant account management, payment processing, and automation. The package includes a suite of components that simplify integration of commonly used PayPal functionality with any Web, desktop, or mobile application.

Credit Card processing is enabled via the ExpressCheckout and DirectPayment components. These components enable integration beyond the standard PayPal checkout process, providing seamless integration with PayPal payment processing. The DirectPayment component even enables credit card transaction processing through PayPal without sending customers to the PayPal site, and without requiring that customers have a PayPal account.

Getting Started

Developing applications using the /n software PayPal Integrator components requires signing up for a free PayPal Developer Network account. Signing up for an account provides a sandbox against which developers can build and test application integration. To sign up for an account go to:

Applications built with the /n software PayPal Integrator components will not require end users to have a PayPal Developer Network account. End users (merchants) only require a PayPal account and a valid digital certificate to use applications built with the /n software PayPal Integrator components.

Additional instructions for setting up PayPal test account can be found in our online knowledge base .

Components Included
AdaptiveCurrencyThe AdaptiveCurrency component is used to convert a list of source currencies and amounts to a list of destination currencies.
AdaptivePayThe AdaptivePay component is used to make simple payments, chained payments, or parallel payments. These payments can be explicitly approved, preapproved, or implicitly approved.
AdaptivePaymentDetailsThe AdaptivePaymentDetails component is used to retrieve information about transactions previously made with the ADAPTIVEPAY component.
AdaptivePreApprovalThe AdaptivePreApproval component is used to create, retrieve, and cancel preapproval transactions.
AdaptiveRefundThe AdaptiveRefund component is used to make refunds of simple, chained, or parallel payments that were authorized via the ADAPTIVEPAY component.
AddressVerifyVerifies the email address and postal address of a buyer during check-out on the merchant's website.
CardValidatorThe CardValidator component is used to verify that a given credit card number is formatted properly, and could be a valid card number. Validating a card before actually submitting a transaction for authorization can reduce the fees that may be associated with invalid or declined transactions.
DirectPaymentObtain payment through PayPal directly from a buyer's credit card.
ExpressCheckoutExpress Checkout allows customers the option to quickly pay through PayPal.
InvoiceInvoice allows merchants to easily create, send, and manage invoices using PayPal.
IPNThe IPN component is used to validate an Instant Payment Notification, to make sure it is not fraudulent and was actually sent by PayPal.
MassPayThe MassPay component is used to pay multiple recipients with funds from a PayPal account.
PayPalRequestCreates custom PayPal requests using the name-value pair interface.
ReAuthCaptureCapture, void, or re-authorize a previous transaction.
RecurringPaymentsCreate and manage profiles for recurring payments through PayPal.
RefundTransactionThe RefundTransaction component is used to make either full or partial refunds of previous payments to the merchant.
TransactionDetailsThe TransactionDetails component retrieves all information about a single transaction.
TransactionSearchThe TransactionSearch component searches the merchant's PayPal account for transactions that meet the specified criteria.

Thank you for choosing PayPal Integrator for your development environment. We realize that you have a choice among development tools. By choosing us you are counting on us to be a key component in your business and expect us to provide you with ongoing enhancements, support, and innovative products. We will do our best to meet your expectations!

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