IPWorks S/MIME 2020 PHP Edition

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OutputMessage Property

The output message after processing.

Object Oriented Interface

public function getOutputMessage();

Procedural Interface

ipworkssmime_smime_get($res, 21 );

Default Value



This property will be populated with the output of the operation if OutputFile is not set.

Encrypt and/or Sign

When encrypting or signing this will hold the fully encoded S/MIME message.

Decrypt and/or Verify

When decrypting or verifying a signature this will hold the decrypted/verified content.

Input and Output Properties

The class will determine the source and destination of the input and output based on which properties are set.

The order in which the input properties are checked is as follows:

When a valid source is found the search stops. The order in which the output properties are checked is as follows:

  • OutputFile
  • OutputMessage: The output data is written to this property if no other destination is specified.

The headers of the resulting message will be available in the OutputMessageHeaders and OutputMessageHeadersString properties.

This property is read-only.

Data Type

Binary String

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