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MessageText Property

The full text of the message as retrieved from the server.

Object Oriented Interface

public function getMessageText();

Procedural Interface

ipworkssmime_spop_get($res, 42 );

Default Value



This property contains the full text of the message as retrieved from the server. If the class is not connected, or MessageNumber does not contain a valid message number, the value of this property is an empty string. Otherwise, it contains the text of the mail message as reported by the server (a maximum of MaxLines).

The MailServer is asked about the text of the message only if the MessageNumber property has changed. If MessageNumber has not changed, the class returns a cached value.

Example (Connect and Retrieve Message)

POPControl.MailServer = "MyPOPServer"
POPControl.User = "username"
POPControl.Password = "password"

POPControl.MessageNumber = 1
MessageText = POPControl.MessageText
MessageHeaders = POPControl.MessageHeaders

This property is read-only.

Data Type


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