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MessageInfo Output Object (Get-IMAP Cmdlet)

Object containing brief information about the returned email.


Object MessageInfo {
   string Id;
   string[] To;
   string From;
   string FromFriendlyName;
   string FromEmail;
   string Subject;
   long Size;
   string[] CC;
   string[] BCC;
   string ContentType;
   string ContentEncoding;
   string Flags;
   string ReplyTo;
   string ReplyToFriendlyName;
   string ReplyToEmail;
   string Date;
   int PartCount;
   string[] PartId;
   string[] PartSize;
   string[] PartContentEncoding;
   string[] PartContentType;
   string[] PartFileName;
   string[] PartMultiPartMode;
   string[] PartParameters;


The Part information fields are string arrays of PartCount length. Part information for a message will allow for retrieval of particular parts by setting the Part parameter.

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