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Property Parameter (Get-RSS Cmdlet)

Get the value of a specific RSS feed property.


Get-RSS -Property string


Property is intended for extending functionality of the RSS cmdlet. It will get the value for a specific field of this RSS feed. Property is the name of the property according to the following convention: root/element@attribute. The root field can be any of the four following values:

channelThis treats the channel as the root level, and element is any property of the channel. If the empty string ("") is supplied for the root field, the cmdlet will assume channel as the root.
imageThis treats the channel's image as the root level, and element is any property of an image.
textInputThis treats the channel's textInput as the root level, and element is any property of an textInput.
item[x]This treats the channel's xth item as the root level where the indexer x must be between 1 and the total number of items. The field element is any property of an item.

The element field can be any property of the root field, and attribute can be any property of that field. If an attribute is not supplied, the text portion of element will be returned. For example:


Note: in order to add non-standard fields (i.e. fields that are not defined in the RSS specification), element must be prefixed with a namespace that defines that field.

The results will be returned in one or more Property objects.

Default Value


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