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Get-SNMP Configuration

The cmdlet accepts one or more of the following configuration settings. Configuration settings are similar in functionality to properties, but they are rarely used. In order to avoid "polluting" the property namespace of the cmdlet, access to these internal properties is provided through the Config method.

Get-SNMP Configuration Settings

HexMACAddress:   Determines if MAC addresses are automatically hex encoded.

If the OID of the returned value begins with ifPhysAddrress ( and this setting is true (default) the OIDValue will automatically be hex encoded and formatted in the format 00:0C:29:C6:31:07.

UseScalarInstance:   Whether to automatically use the OID for scalar object instances.

When set to true the cmdlet will attempt to determine if the OID is a scalar object by finding the OID in a loaded Mib file. If the OID can be found in the MIB, and the OID is a scalar object, then the cmdlet will automatically append a ".0" to the OID to represent the scalar object instance.

If the specified OID already ends with ".0" it will not be modified.

When set to False no modification of the OID will take place. The default value is True.

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