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DataPacketIn Event

Fired when receiving a data packet from the server.


virtual int FireDataPacketIn(ClientDataPacketInEventParams *e);
typedef struct {
const char *DataPacket; int lenDataPacket; int reserved; } ClientDataPacketInEventParams;
virtual INT FireDataPacketIn(ClientDataPacketInEventParams *e);
typedef struct {
LPCSTR DataPacket; INT lenDataPacket; INT reserved; } ClientDataPacketInEventParams;
- (void)onDataPacketIn:(NSData*)dataPacket;
func onDataPacketIn(_ dataPacket: Data)


This event fires when a packet is received. The entire data packet (including all framing and error detection characters) is contained in the DataPacket parameter. This parameter may be inspected for advanced troubleshooting, or to extract additional response properties beyond the scope of this component.

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