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ChallengeCancellationIndicator Property

Challenge Cancellation Indicator.


char* GetChallengeCancellationIndicator();
int SetChallengeCancellationIndicator(const char* lpszChallengeCancellationIndicator);
LPWSTR GetChallengeCancellationIndicator();
INT SetChallengeCancellationIndicator(LPCWSTR lpszChallengeCancellationIndicator);
@property (nonatomic,readwrite,assign,getter=challengeCancellationIndicator,setter=setChallengeCancellationIndicator:) NSString* challengeCancellationIndicator;
- (NSString*)challengeCancellationIndicator;
- (void)setChallengeCancellationIndicator:(NSString*)newChallengeCancellationIndicator;
public var challengeCancellationIndicator: String {
  get {...}
set {...} }

Default Value



This field is an indicator informing the ACS and the DS that the authentication has been canceled. This is required to be set if the authentication transaction was canceled by the user. This may also be received in the Results Request from the directory server if the ACS identifies that the authentication transaction was canceled for reasons as indicated.

Possible values include:

01Cardholder selected "Cancel"
023DS Requestor canceled authentication
03Transaction aborted
04Transaction timed out at ACS - other timeouts
05Transaction timed out at ACS - First CReq not received by ACS
06Transaction error

Data Type


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