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ChallengeDataEntry Property

Cardholder entered data.


char* GetChallengeDataEntry();
int SetChallengeDataEntry(const char* lpszChallengeDataEntry);
LPWSTR GetChallengeDataEntry();
INT SetChallengeDataEntry(LPCWSTR lpszChallengeDataEntry);
@property (nonatomic,readwrite,assign,getter=challengeDataEntry,setter=setChallengeDataEntry:) NSString* challengeDataEntry;
- (NSString*)challengeDataEntry;
- (void)setChallengeDataEntry:(NSString*)newChallengeDataEntry;
public var challengeDataEntry: String {
  get {...}
set {...} }

Default Value



This field contains the data that the cardholder entered into the UI.

When ACSUIType is Text (01) or HTML (05), set ChallengeDataEntry to the data exactly as it was specified by the cardholder. Do not format or otherwise change the data.

When ACSUIType is Single-Select (02), set ChallengeDataEntry to the name of the selected option. For instance the ACS may provide the user with a selection like:

mobile: **** **** 329
email: s******k**@g***.com
The value to provide in ChallengeDataEntry is the ChallengeSelectInfoName, i.e. mobile.

When ACSUIType is Multi-Select (03), set ChallengeDataEntry to a comma-separated list of names of the selected options. For instance if ChallengeSelectInfo contains elements with names like chicago_illinois, st_louis_missouri, and portland_oregon, and the user chose two options, the value specified in ChallengeDataEntry would be chicago_illinois,portland_oregon.

Data Type


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