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DeviceParamCategory Property

The category of the parameter.


int GetDeviceParamCategory(int iDeviceParamIndex);
int SetDeviceParamCategory(int iDeviceParamIndex, int iDeviceParamCategory);
INT GetDeviceParamCategory(INT iDeviceParamIndex);
INT SetDeviceParamCategory(INT iDeviceParamIndex, INT iDeviceParamCategory);
- (int)deviceParamCategory:(int)deviceParamIndex;
- (void)setDeviceParamCategory:(int)deviceParamIndex:(int)newDeviceParamCategory;
public func deviceParamCategory(deviceParamIndex: Int32) throws -> Int32
public func setDeviceParamCategory(deviceParamIndex: Int32, newDeviceParamCategory: Int32) throws -> Void

Default Value



The category of the parameter. Possible values include:

0DV - Data Version
1DD - Device Data
2DPNA - Device Parameter Not Available
3SW - Security Warning

The size of the array is controlled by the DeviceParamCount property.

This property is not available at design time.

Data Type


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