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DeviceParamValue Property

The value of the parameter.


char* GetDeviceParamValue(int iDeviceParamIndex);
int SetDeviceParamValue(int iDeviceParamIndex, const char* lpszDeviceParamValue);
LPWSTR GetDeviceParamValue(INT iDeviceParamIndex);
INT SetDeviceParamValue(INT iDeviceParamIndex, LPCWSTR lpszDeviceParamValue);
- (NSString*)deviceParamValue:(int)deviceParamIndex;
- (void)setDeviceParamValue:(int)deviceParamIndex:(NSString*)newDeviceParamValue;
public func deviceParamValue(deviceParamIndex: Int32) throws -> String
public func setDeviceParamValue(deviceParamIndex: Int32, newDeviceParamValue: String) throws -> Void

Default Value



The value of the parameter.

The size of the array is controlled by the DeviceParamCount property.

This property is not available at design time.

Data Type


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