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GetResponseVar Method

Parses additional information out of the response.


char* GetResponseVar(const char* lpszName);
LPWSTR GetResponseVar(LPCWSTR lpszName);
- (NSString*)getResponseVar:(NSString*)name;
public func getResponseVar(_ name: String) throws -> String


Any additional response information contained within the Data, that is not available via the Response fields, may be retrieved with this GetResponseVar method.

To obtain a response value, pass the xpath to the value you wish to receive. For instance, if Data contains "<MPI><Message><PARes><version>1.0.2</version></PARes></Message></MPI>", calling GetResponseVar("/ThreeDSecure/Message/PARes/version") will return "1.0.2".

Error Handling (C++)

This method returns a String value; after it returns, call the GetLastErrorCode() method to obtain its result code; 0 indicates success, while a non-zero error code indicates that this method encountered an error during its execution. If an error occurs, the GetLastError() method can be called to retrieve the associated error message.

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