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AuthenticationECI Property

Value to be passed in the authorization message.


char* GetAuthenticationECI();
LPWSTR GetAuthenticationECI();
@property (nonatomic,readonly,assign,getter=authenticationECI) NSString* authenticationECI;
- (NSString*)authenticationECI;
public var authenticationECI: String {
  get {...}

Default Value



This property is determined by the Access Control Server (ACS), and is filled after receiving a response to a Payer Authentication Request (PAReq). This property contains the two digit Electronic Commerce Indicator (ECI) value, which is to be submitted in a credit card authorization message. This value indicates to the processor that the customer data in the authorization message has been authenticated. The data contained within this property is only valid if the AuthenticationStatus is "Y" or "A".

5 (Visa) or 2 (SecureCode) The cardholder was successfully authenticated.
6 (Visa) or 1 (SecureCode) Authentication was attempted, but the cardholder was not enrolled. Chargeback protection applies.

This property is read-only and not available at design time.

Data Type


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