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CardEnrolled Property

Indicates whether the CardNumber can be authenticated.


char* GetCardEnrolled();
LPWSTR GetCardEnrolled();
@property (nonatomic,readonly,assign,getter=cardEnrolled) NSString* cardEnrolled;
- (NSString*)cardEnrolled;
public var cardEnrolled: String {
  get {...}

Default Value



This property is filled after sending a Verify Enrollment Request (VEReq) using the VerifyEnrollment method, and indicates whether the CardNumber is enrolled in the 3-D Secure program. Valid responses are listed below:

YAuthentication available.
NAuthentication not available.
UEnrolled cardholder, but authentication is currently unavailable.

If this property contains a "Y" after sending a VEReq the ACSURL property will contain the fully qualified URL of the Access Control Server, and you may proceed with authenticating the CardNumber.

This property is read-only and not available at design time.

Data Type


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