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MerchantBankId Property

The number which identifies the merchant's bank or processor.


char* GetMerchantBankId();
int SetMerchantBankId(const char* lpszMerchantBankId);
LPWSTR GetMerchantBankId();
INT SetMerchantBankId(LPCWSTR lpszMerchantBankId);
@property (nonatomic,readwrite,assign,getter=merchantBankId,setter=setMerchantBankId:) NSString* merchantBankId;
- (NSString*)merchantBankId;
- (void)setMerchantBankId:(NSString*)newMerchantBankId;
public var merchantBankId: String {
  get {...}
set {...} }

Default Value



This field contains a six digit Visa assigned Bank Identification Number issued by the merchant's member bank or processor. The acquirer Bank Identification Number (BIN) identifies the member bank that signed the merchant using the Point of Sale application. This field may not remain zero-filled.

Data Type


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