CertificateReceived Event

Fired when a certificate is received from the remote host.


ANSI (Cross Platform)
virtual int FireCertificateReceived(OFTPClientCertificateReceivedEventParams *e);
typedef struct {
const char *CertificateFileName;
int CertificateExchangeType; int reserved; } OFTPClientCertificateReceivedEventParams; Unicode (Windows) virtual INT FireCertificateReceived(OFTPClientCertificateReceivedEventParams *e);
typedef struct {
LPCWSTR CertificateFileName;
INT CertificateExchangeType; INT reserved; } OFTPClientCertificateReceivedEventParams;
- (void)onCertificateReceived:(NSString*)certificateFileName :(int)certificateExchangeType;

virtual INT IPWORKSEDI_CALL FireCertificateReceived(LPSTR &lpszCertificateFileName, INT &iCertificateExchangeType);


This event provides information about the certificate file that was sent by the remote host.

When the remote host sends a certificate using the Certificate Exchange feature of OFTP 2.0, this event provides information about it. The certificate file will be written to the DownloadDirectory. After the file is written to DownloadDirectory this event will fire.

The CertificateFilemame parameter holds the filename of the received certificate.

The CertificateExchangeType parameter identifies the type of request associated with the certificate. Possible values are:

0Request: The class received a certificate and request from the remote host. Respond using the ExchangeCertificate method using a CertificateExchangeType of 3 (Deliver). The response may be in a separate session.
1Replace: The class received a certificate from the remote host. No response is expected. The certificate received here invalidates any previously stored certificates for this configuration.
2Deliver: The class received a certificate from the remote host. This is either a response to a certificate request, or a new additional certificates from the remote host. This will not invalidate previous certificates stored for this configuration.

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