Transfer Event

Fired while a document transfers (delivers document).


ANSI (Cross Platform)
virtual int FireTransfer(OFTPClientTransferEventParams *e);
typedef struct {
int Direction;
const char *LocalFile;
const char *VirtualFileName;
const char *VirtualFileDate;
const char *Destination;
const char *Originator;
int64 BytesTransferred;
const char *Text; int lenText; int reserved; } OFTPClientTransferEventParams; Unicode (Windows) virtual INT FireTransfer(OFTPClientTransferEventParams *e);
typedef struct {
INT Direction;
LPCWSTR LocalFile;
LPCWSTR VirtualFileName;
LPCWSTR VirtualFileDate;
LPCWSTR Destination;
LPCWSTR Originator;
LONG64 BytesTransferred;
LPCSTR Text; INT lenText; INT reserved; } OFTPClientTransferEventParams;
- (void)onTransfer:(int)direction :(NSString*)localFile :(NSString*)virtualFileName :(NSString*)virtualFileDate :(NSString*)destination :(NSString*)originator :(long long)bytesTransferred :(NSData*)text;

virtual INT IPWORKSEDI_CALL FireTransfer(INT &iDirection, LPSTR &lpszLocalFile, LPSTR &lpszVirtualFileName, LPSTR &lpszVirtualFileDate, LPSTR &lpszDestination, LPSTR &lpszOriginator, LONG64 &lBytesTransferred, LPSTR &lpText, INT &lenText);


The Text parameter contains the portion of the document text being retrieved. It is empty if data is being posted to the server.

The BytesTransferred parameter contains the number of bytes transferred in this Direction since the beginning of the document text.

The Direction parameter shows whether the client (0) or the server (1) is sending the data.

VirtualFileName holds the filename.

VirtualFileDate holds the date associated with the file in the format specified by VirtualFileDateFormat. The default value is "MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss".

Originator identifies the sender (SFID) code in the send file request.

Destination identifies the receiver (SFID) code in the send file request.

LocalFile holds the full path to the file that will be written.

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