TryXPath Method

Navigates to the specified XPath if it exists.


ANSI (Cross Platform)
int TryXPath(const char* lpszxpath);

Unicode (Windows)
INT TryXPath(LPCWSTR lpszxpath);
- (BOOL)tryXPath:(NSString*)xpath;

IPWORKSEDI_EXTERNAL int IPWORKSEDI_CALL IPWorksEDI_VDAReader_Do(void *lpObj, int methid, int cparam, void *param[], int cbparam[], int64 *lpllVal);


This method will attempt to navigate to the specified XPath parameter if it exists within the document.

If the XPath exists the XPath property will be updated and this method returns True.

If the XPath does not exist the XPath property is not updated and this method returns False.

Error Handling (C++)

This method returns a Boolean value; after it returns, call the GetLastErrorCode() method to obtain its result code; 0 indicates success, while a non-zero error code indicates that this method encountered an error during its execution. If an error occurs, the GetLastError() method can be called to retrieve the associated error message.

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