ResolveSchema Event

Fires whenever a new transaction set is encountered and no schema is found for it.


public event OnResolveSchemaHandler OnResolveSchema;

public delegate void OnResolveSchemaHandler(object sender, VdareaderResolveSchemaEventArgs e);

public class VdareaderResolveSchemaEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public string TransactionCode { get; }
  public string StandardVersion { get; }
Public Event OnResolveSchema As OnResolveSchemaHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnResolveSchemaHandler(sender As Object, e As VdareaderResolveSchemaEventArgs)

Public Class VdareaderResolveSchemaEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property TransactionCode As String
  Public ReadOnly Property StandardVersion As String
End Class


The ResolveSchema event will fire when a the component encounters the header segment of a new transaction set, but it finds no schema corresponding to it already loaded.

TransactionCode contains the code of the transaction, such as "810" or "APERAK".

StandardVersion contains the version of the transaction, such as "004010" or "D95A".

When processing this event, the caller can use LoadSchema() to load a new schema into the component that can be used to parse the transaction.

After the event fires, if the component still doesn't have a matching schema, then it will attempt schema-less parsing of the transaction set.

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