RecipientCerts Property

The public key certificates of the recipients for this message.


public CertificateList getRecipientCerts();
public void setRecipientCerts(CertificateList recipientCerts);


The encryption certificates of the recipients. If this property is specified, the message content will be encrypted using the algorithm given by EncryptingAlgorithm.

This property will also be used to verify signed receipts if ReceiptSignerCert is not specified. In this case, it will use the first certificate found in the collection, if one exists. If your trading partner uses different certificates for signing and encryption, you should set RecipientCerts to the encryption certificate(s) and ReceiptSignerCert to the signing certificate.

If the class is unable to verify a signature make sure RecipientCerts are set appropriately.

If set, this property should could contain public key instances of Certificate.

This property is not available at design time.

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