ParseRequest Method

Parses the EDI message and determines the EDIData .


async as1receiver.parseRequest(): Promise<void>


Processes the EDI message in the request (either from the HTTP context, or as given by Request and possibly RequestHeadersString). If the message is encrypted, it will be decrypted with the certificate specified in Certificate. If it is signed, the signature will be verified against the certificate specified in SignerCert.

If the message is scanned without difficulty, EDIData will be populated. If a problem occurs, an exception will be thrown. This might occur if the client used or requested unsupported algorithms or data formats. In this case, EDIData will not be determined.

The class may be configured to ignore certain errors by setting ErrorProcessingFlags. This will allow the message to be processed and EDIData to be determined. If any errors occur, an exception will be thrown and the ScanResult property will reflect the error condition.

Whether or not an exception is thrown, an MDNReceipt may be generated by invoking CreateMDNReceipt. In the case of a successful scan MDNReceipt will report the success, otherwise the receipt will provide information to the client about the error.

ProcessRequest may be used to scan and create the receipt in one step. ReadRequest may be used to scan the request headers only to obtain details that can be used to configure the correct settings for the partner.

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