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MDNReceipt Property

The MDN-based receipt generated by the component.


public var mdnReceipt: MDNReceipt {
get {...}
set {...} }


After invoking CreateMDNReceipt, MDNReceipt will contain the entire text of the receipt to be returned to the client. It will report either success or failure depending on ScanResult; in either case it will be RFC-compliant and suitable for returning to the client.

The MDNReceipt will consist of the MDN itself, a human-readable message, MIME headers and footers, and a signature if applicable. The receipt may be generated by invoking CreateMDNReceipt and customized further by setting the parameters to CreateMDNReceipt.

A variety of configuration settings may be used to override the default generation of the outgoing MDN. The MIC algorithm used in the MDN may be set with MDNMICAlgorithm;. MDNReportingUA specifies the reporting agent, and MDNSendingMode may be used to specify the "disposition-mode" field in the MDN.

The signature, if any, will use the protocol specified by the ReceiptSigningProtocol configuration setting, and the certificate specified.

Error reporting may be controlled by configuring ErrorReportingFlags. By default, any errors will cause MDNReceipt to report a failure to process the message (either "failed/Failure" or "processed/Error" will be reported, according to the specification and the type of error). Setting ErrorReportingFlags will cause the MDNReceipt to overlook the chosen types of errors. If all errors are overlooked, the MDNReceipt will report success and calculate a MIC on the original message as usual. A warning may be reported by setting the MDNWarning configuration setting.

MDNReceipt will always be generated by the component; however, if MDNTo is empty, an MDN-based receipt has not been requested. One may be sent anyway at the option of the server. If MDNTo is nonempty, the receipt MUST be returned according to RFC specifications. In AS2, the MDN should be returned in the body of the HTTP reply, or if ReceiptDeliveryOption is nonempty, to the URL specified there instead. In AS3, the MDN should be returned to the URL specified in MDNTo.

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