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RefToMessageId Property

Specifies the RefToMessageId in the message.


public var refToMessageId: String {
get {...}
set {...} }

Default Value



This property specifies the RefToMessageId value in the message being sent.

This property is only applicable when Profile is set to ebpfESENS. The e-SENS profile supports the Two-Way/Push-and-Push MEP (Message Exchange Pattern), where sending a file can be in reference to a previously received file. In this case RefToMessageId specifies the Id of the previously received message to which this send is in reference.

When sending with AS4Client this should only be set when using the e-SENS profile and need to explicitly specify the RefToMessageId value as per the Two-Way/Push-And-Push MEP.

When receiving with AS4Server this may be read after receiving a message.

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