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VerifyReceipt Method

Verifies a received receipt.


public func verifyReceipt() throws -> Void


This method is used to verify asynchronous receipts held in IncomingReceipt.

Processing Receipts

Any incoming request may potentially include a receipt. The request may be a receipt by itself, or it may be bundled with another type of request (send/receive). When initially sending files AsyncReceiptInfoDir may be set to store data about the original message on disk for use when verifying the receipt. If this is not desired manually store the OriginalSOAPMessage and OriginalSOAPMessageId instead.

To detect if an incoming request contains a receipt simply check the IncomingReceipt property's Content property. If it is populated the request includes a receipt. Set AsyncReceiptInfoDir to the same location as when the file was originally sent. Or alternatively set OriginalSOAPMessage and OriginalSOAPMessageId properties to the original values.

If the receipt is signed set SignerCert to the public certificate which will be used to verify the signature. Lastly call VerifyReceipt. This will perform any signature verification and verify the receipt content as well, matching it to the original message values.


//The receipt may be signed depending upon the AgreementRef
server.SignerCert = new Certificate(Path.Combine(Request.PhysicalApplicationPath, "..\\files\\CompanyA.cer"));

//If the request contains a receipt verify it
if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(server.IncomingReceipt.Content))

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