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DisplayXMLInfo Method

Returns a string showing the structure of the parsed document as XML.


public func displayXMLInfo() throws -> String


After the EDI document has been parsed this method may be called to obtain information about the document structure. The parsed data is represented as XML when queried. This shows all parsed data and may be useful for testing and debugging purposes. For instance:

Will output text like:
<IX tag="ISA" ISA01="00" ISA02="          " ISA03="00" ISA04="          " ISA05="ZZ" ISA06="ACME           " ISA07="ZZ" ISA08="WAYNE_TECH     " ISA09="160707" ISA10="1544" ISA11="U" ISA12="00401" ISA13="000000006" ISA14="0" ISA15="T" ISA16=">">
  <FG tag="GS" GS01="IN" GS02="ACME" GS03="WAYNE_TECH" GS04="20160707" GS05="1544" GS06="6" GS07="T" GS08="004010">
    <TX tag="ST" ST01="810" ST02="0001">
      <BIG tag="BIG" BIG01="20150708" BIG02="3003014445" BIG03="" BIG04="0476553272" BIG05="" BIG06="" BIG07="DR"/>
      <CUR tag="CUR" CUR01="SE" CUR02="USD"/>
      <REF tag="REF" REF01="8M" REF02="0056"/>
        <N1 tag="N1" N101="BY" N102="Company" N103="92" N104="544380"/>
        <N3 tag="N3" N301="Address"/>
        <N4 tag="N4" N401="City" N402="CA" N403="Postal Code"/>
        <N1 tag="N1" N101="ST" N102="Name" N103="92" N104="0607047800010"/>
        <N3 tag="N3" N301="Address"/>
        <N4 tag="N4" N401="City" N402="" N403="200131" N404="US"/>
        <N1 tag="N1" N101="RE" N102="Name" N103="92" N104="5095956"/>
        <N3 tag="N3" N301="Address"/>
        <N4 tag="N4" N401="City" N402="IL" N403="Postal Code"/>
        <IT1 tag="IT1" IT101="20" IT102="2500" IT103="EA" IT104="36.96" IT105="" IT106="BP" IT107="335S0594"/>
        <REF_3 tag="REF" REF01="KK" REF02="0099778154"/>
        <REF_3 tag="REF" REF01="PO" REF02="0476553272" REF03="20"/>
      <TDS tag="TDS" TDS01="9240000"/>
      <CTT tag="CTT" CTT01="1"/>

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