SignatureAlgorithm Property

Signature algorithm to be used in outgoing messages.

Object Oriented Interface

public function getSignatureAlgorithm();
public function setSignatureAlgorithm($value);

Procedural Interface

ipworksedi_as2sender_get($res, 87 );
ipworksedi_as2sender_set($res, 87, $value );

Default Value



Signature Algorithm can be set to indicate the preferred signing algorithm. Possible values are:

  • sha1
  • md5
  • sha-256 (or sha256) (default)
  • sha-384 (or sha384)
  • sha-512 (or sha512)
  • sha-224 (or sha224)

The default value is "sha-256". When this property is set the MDNOptions property is automatically updated to request the MDN receipt be signed with the same algorithm.

Data Type


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