SchemaFormat Property

The format of the schema file.

Object Oriented Interface

public function getSchemaFormat();
public function setSchemaFormat($value);

Procedural Interface

ipworksedi_hl7writer_get($res, 4 );
ipworksedi_hl7writer_set($res, 4, $value );

Default Value



Set SchemaFormat before calling the LoadSchema method to specify the loading schema format.

The following schema formats are supported:

0 (schemaAutomatic - default) The schema type is automatically determined based on file extension.
1 (schemaBinary) A binary schema that was previously compiled by calling CompileSchema.
2 (schemaBizTalk) BizTalk (XSD):
3 (schemaSEF) TIBCO Standard Exchange Format (SEF):
5 (schemaAltova) Altova:
6 (schemaJSON - recommended) ArcESB JSON:

Data Type


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