ElementSchemaName Property

The name of the element as taken from the schema.

Object Oriented Interface

public function getElementSchemaName($elementindex);

Procedural Interface

ipworksedi_x12reader_get($res, 22 , $elementindex);

Default Value



The name of the element as taken from the schema.

ElementName holds positional (ref) value like "N101". ElementSchemaName holds the Id taken from the schema.

For instance:

reader.XPath = "/IX/FG/TX/N1Loop1[1]/N1";
for (int i = 0; i < reader.XElements.Count; i++)
  Console.WriteLine(reader.XElements[i].SchemaName + ": " + reader.XElements[i].Value);

When ElementSchemaName is used this will use the name from the schema and will output values like:

98: ST
66: 9
67: 1223334445

In contrast, if ElementName was used the output would look like:

N101: ST
N103: 9
N104: 1223334445

Note: This property is only applicable when a ArcESB JSON schema is loaded.

The $elementindex parameter specifies the index of the item in the array. The size of the array is controlled by the ElementCount property.

This property is read-only and not available at design time.

Data Type


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