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async_mdn_info_dir Property

Path to a directory to store data used in verifying AsyncMDNs.


def get_async_mdn_info_dir() -> str: ...
def set_async_mdn_info_dir(value: str) -> None: ...

async_mdn_info_dir = property(get_async_mdn_info_dir, set_async_mdn_info_dir)

Default Value



If post is invoked after setting async_mdn_info_dir and an asynchronous MDN is requested, the class stores the data required to verify AsyncMDNs in a file in the specified directory. The name of the file is the message_id of the outgoing message.

async_mdn_info_dir is also used while verifying asynchronous MDNs using verify_receipt. The properties required to process AsyncMDNs, namely original_content_mic and mdn_options, are automatically read from the file saved at the time of sending the original message.

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