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encryption_algorithm Property

The algorithm used to encrypt the EDI data.


def get_encryption_algorithm() -> str: ...
def set_encryption_algorithm(value: str) -> None: ...

encryption_algorithm = property(get_encryption_algorithm, set_encryption_algorithm)

Default Value



If recipient_certs contains a valid certificate, the data will be encrypted using this certificate and the algorithm specified in encryption_algorithm. If encryption_algorithm is set to the empty string, the data will not be encrypted.

The class supports "3DES", or industry-standard 168-bit Triple-DES encryption.

The class supports "AES" encryption with a default keysize of 128 bits. You may also set "AESCBC192" or "AESCBC256" for 192- and 256-bit keysizes.

Possible values are:

  • 3DES (default)
  • DES
  • AESCBC128
  • AESCBC192
  • AESCBC256

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