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original_content_mic Property

The Message Integrity Check(s) (one-way hash) of the outgoing message.


def get_original_content_mic() -> str: ...
def set_original_content_mic(value: str) -> None: ...

original_content_mic = property(get_original_content_mic, set_original_content_mic)

Default Value



A MIC will be calculated over the outgoing message using the same algorithm in the signature_algorithm configuration used to sign the message. The property will be set when post (in AS3, send) is invoked, and the MIC will automatically be checked against the Original-Content-MIC in the MDN for synchronous MDNs.

The format is in RFC 3335, i.e. "w7AguNJEmhF/qIjJw6LnnA==, md5", with a newline at the end.

If you are requesting an asynchronous MDN, you must save this value externally so that it can be loaded when the MDN is received (you may also use async_mdn_info_dir).

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