StartTransaction Event

Fires whenever a control segment is read that marks the start of a transaction.


class VDAReaderStartTransactionEventParams {
  const QString &Tag();
  const QString &ControlNumber();
  const QString &Code();
  const QString &FullSegment();
  int EventRetVal();
  void SetEventRetVal(int iRetVal);
// To handle, connect one or more slots to this signal. void StartTransaction(VDAReaderStartTransactionEventParams *e);
// Or, subclass VDAReader and override this emitter function. virtual int FireStartTransaction(VDAReaderStartTransactionEventParams *e) {...}


The StartTransaction event will fire when a control segment marking the start of a transaction is read. The Tag parameter contains the tag of the segment, such as ST. ControlNumber contains the control number associated with the segment. Code contains the transaction code (such as 810).

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