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SchemaFormat Property

The format of the schema file.


 getSchemaFormat(): X12readerSchemaFormats;

 setSchemaFormat(schemaFormat: X12readerSchemaFormats): void;

enum X12readerSchemaFormats { schemaAutomatic, schemaBinary, schemaBizTalk, schemaSEF, schemaBOTS, schemaAltova, schemaJSON }

Default Value



Set SchemaFormat before calling the LoadSchema method to specify the loading schema format.

The following schema formats are supported:

0 (schemaAutomatic - default) The schema type is automatically determined based on file extension.
1 (schemaBinary) A binary schema that was previously compiled by calling CompileSchema.
2 (schemaBizTalk) BizTalk (XSD): http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa559426(v=BTS.70).aspx
3 (schemaSEF) TIBCO Standard Exchange Format (SEF): https://docs.tibco.com/products/tibco-foresight-edisim-6-18-0
5 (schemaAltova) Altova: http://www.altova.com/
6 (schemaJSON - recommended) ArcESB JSON: https://arc.cdata.com/

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