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ValidationError Event

Fires whenever a validation error is encountered.


x12validator.on('ValidationError', listener: (e: {readonly errorCode: number, readonly message: string, readonly segmentNumber: number, readonly segmentTag: string, readonly technicalErrorCode: string, readonly segmentErrorCode: string, readonly elementErrorCode: string, readonly elementPosition: number, readonly line: number, readonly column: number}) => void )


This event will fire with errors as the EDI document is validated. The ErrorCode parameter contains the type of error encountered. Message is a textual description of the problem. SegmentNumber is the index of the segment where the problem was found. SegmentTag holds the tag name of the segment. ElementPosition is the position of the element where the error occurred.

The Line and Column parameters identify the location within the EDI document where the error occurred.

Possible ErrorCode values are:

0 The component is not required but is present.
1 Invalid segment count.
2 Invalid transaction count.
3 Invalid group count.
4 Invalid interchange control number.
5 Invalid group control number.
6 Invalid transaction control number.
10 A required data element is missing.
11 Invalid field length.
12 Invalid field value.
13 A required component is missing.
14 The data element is not defined but is present.
30 Required segment is missing.
31 Required loop is missing.
32 Occurrences exceeds the schema defined limit.
33 Occurrences is less than the schema defined minimum.
40 Paired rule validation failed, the pair of elements must be present.
41 At least one of element is required, see message for list of elements.
42 Exclusion validation failed, only one of the elements can be present.
43 Conditional rule validation failed.
44 List conditional rule validation failed.
45 First then none validation failed. The presence of an element requires that other specific elements must not be present.
46 Only one or none of the elements can be present.

X12 Specific Parameters

The following parameters are available in all validator classes but are only applicable to X12 document validation at this time.

SegmentErrorCode holds the error code that may be used in the IK304 field of a 999. ElementErrorCode holds the error code that may be used in the IK403 field of a 999.

TechnicalErrorCode holds a technical error code that helps identify structural issues with the document. For instance when parsing an X12 document this will hold values that may be used for TA1 error codes. When parsing X12 documents the following codes are applicable:

001The Interchange Control Numbers in the header ISA 13 and trailer IEA02 do not match.
014Invalid interchange date value (non-numeric characters or wrong length).
015Invalid interchange time value (non-numeric characters or wrong length).
022The ISA segment is missing elements (invalid control structure).
024Invalid interchange content (e.g., Invalid GS segment).

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