IPWorks EDIFACT 2020 Android Edition

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Edifactreader Errors

EDIFACTReader Errors

1000   Input/Output error
1001   No stream or file name were specified for the component
1002   Unexpected end of file (EOF).
1003   Segment not found.
1004   Segment not found in schema.
1005   Schema not found.
1010   Invalid Writer state.
1011   Segment does not have the specified element or component.
1012   Invalid XPath.
1013   DOM tree unavailable (set BuildDOM and reparse).
1014   Document contains incomplete segments.
1015   Document contains an open EDI structure (interchange, functional group or transaction) with no matching footer segment.
1044   Error while reading schema file.
1100   Component is busy.
1099   Unexpected error.

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