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ModifyTransfer Method

Modifies a scheduled transfer.


public void modifyTransfer(String transferId);


This function generates the Signon and Transfer Modification request page, submits it to the financial institution via secure HTTP Post, receives the response, and parses it.

Only scheduled transfers can be modified, not the immediate ones.

The TransferId parameter identifies the transfer to be modified. This is the id assigned and returned by the server at the time the transfer was scheduled (that was stored in Id).

When modifying a scheduled transfer by calling the ModifyTransfer method, the user should provide all the fields for source and destination account that were specified when the transfer was initiated (when the TransferFunds method was called), and not just the fields that are to be modified).

The following properties should be set when this method is called:

FIUrl (required)
FIId (required)
FIOrganization (required)
OFXAppId (required)
OFXAppVersion (required)
OFXVersion (required if 2.x OFX version is the one supported by your FI)
OFXUser (required)
OFXPassword (required)
Transfer (required)

The response normally just echoes the values passed in the request. However, if the status of a scheduled transfer changes in any way, the user should expect to receive modification responses when they synchronize with the server. For example, when a server completes a transfer, the status of the transfer goes from pending to posted. This status change will be included in the server response.

Please check your FI profile to see if they provide this service (transfer modification).

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