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TransferFunds Method

Transfers money from one account to another within the same or different Financial Institution(s).


public void transferFunds();


This function generates the Signon and Intrabank or Interbank Transfer request page, submits it to the financial institution via secure HTTP Post, receives the response, and parses it.

The following properties can be set when this method is called:

FIUrl (required)
FIId (required)
FIOrganization (required)
OFXAppId (required)
OFXAppVersion (required)
OFXVersion (required if 2.x OFX version is the one supported by your FI)
OFXUser (required)
OFXPassword (required)
Transfer (required)

Upon a successful reply, the following read-only fields are populated as a result of parsing the server response:

DatePosted or DateProjected(not both)

If the request is for an immediate transfer and the server can perform the transfer in real time, the server should indicate whether the transfer succeeded and should return the date of the transfer in DatePosted. In this case, synchronization is not required.

In all cases, a server cannot provide complete confirmation for the transfer. The server can only confirm that it received the transfer instruction; and possibly whether it validated the accounts, amount, and date specified in the transfer. For any transfer where the client does not know the status at the time of the response, a server should confirm that it accepted the instruction by assigning a Id and indicate the DateProjected if the DatePosted is not available. A client can pick up the confirmation at a later date through a synchronization request by calling the SynchronizeTransfers method.

The interbank funds transfers differ from intrabank funds transfers in the following respects:

  • The routing and transit number of the destination account differs from the source account. That means that the FromBankId and ToBankId should both be set (if the account type is different than CreditCard).
  • At the discretion of an FI, the destination account (identified by ToAccountId) can be subject to pre-notification.
  • Source and destination accounts must be enabled for the Automated Clearing House (ACH).

The Interbank Funds Transfer is subject to the rules and regulations governing the ACH network. In all other respects, interbank funds transfers function like intrabank funds transfers.

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