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AddPayee Method

Add a payee to server's payee list.


public void addPayee();


This function generates the Signon and Add Payee request, submits it to the financial institution via HTTP, receives the response, and parses it.

The following properties can be set when this method is called:

FIUrl (required)
FIId (required)
FIOrganization (required)
OFXAppId (required)
OFXAppVersion (required)
OFXUser (required)
OFXPassword (required)
Payee (required)
ToBankId (optional)
ToAccountId (optional)

Upon a successful reply, the following read-only fields are populated as a result of parsing the server response:

Id (optional)
ListId (always returned)
DaysToPay (always returned)
IdScope (optional)
all input values for payee (name, address, phone, account) and destination bank account are echoed in the response

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