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PayBill Method

Pays a bill to a given payee.


public void payBill();


This function generates the Signon and Bill Payment request page, submits it to the financial institution via HTTP, receives the response, and parses it.

The following properties can be set when this method is called:

FIUrl (required)
FIId (required)
FIOrganization (required)
OFXAppId (required)
OFXAppVersion (required)
OFXUser (required)
OFXPassword (required)
Payment (required)
Payee (required)

Payee information can be provided in the request by either setting each Payee field, or by setting the Aggregate field, the value of which can be retrieved after submitting a payee synchronization request (by calling the SynchronizePayees method).

Even when Aggregate property has been set, the user can still set any payee field to values different from the ones that are populated via Aggregate. When this happens, the server will consider this payment request as payee modification request as well. As result, that payee will be modified in the payment system accordingly.

Upon a successful reply, the following read-only properties are populated as a result of parsing the server response:

all input values for amount, bank account information, and payee information are echoed in the response

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