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LedgerBalance Property

Amount of the ledger balance.


public String getLedgerBalance();


This value reflects the account balance as posted in the financial institution's records.

Credit card balances differ from bank account balances in that they are always negative. Since credit is money-on-loan and must be paid back, it is best thought of as a negative. The LedgerBalance reflects how much money the user has already spent under that account and must pay back to the financial institution. AvailableBalance indicates how much more money is available to the user to borrow until they must pay the ledger balance.

Note: the financial institution usually returns amounts as a string that includes the sign (+/-) of the amount. However, the server may sometimes leave out a particular field if it is not required by the OFX specification. To avoid confusion that can be caused by returning integers, the component will return all amount types as a string, with the empty string ("") for fields not returned by the server.

Where there is a value returned by the server, the component will attempt to convert the string into a format that can be easily parsed into an integer value. This behavior can be controlled by the CurrencyFormat config setting. .

This property is read-only.

Default Value


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