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MessageSets Property

A list of message sets supported by the current Financial Institution.


public FIMessageSetList getMessageSets();


This property will contain the list of all message sets supported by this FI that are specific to this user.

OFX separates messages that the client and server send into groups called message sets. Each FI defines the message sets that the institution supports.

Each message set contains options and attributes that allow an FI to customize its use of OFX. For example, an institution can support the Interbank Funds Transfer Message Set (i.e., one of the returned Name is INTERXFERMSGSETV1), but it can choose not to support the recurring form of these transfers. The profile defines the options and attributes as part of each message-set definition.

Each set of options and attributes appears within the Aggregate that is specific to a message set. For example, Aggregate for Name='WIREXFERMSGSETV1', contains all of the options and attributes that pertain to wire transfers.

This is populated when the GetProfile method has been called. It should be inspected for each MessageSetIndex = 0 to MessageSetCount - 1.

Each message set has a Aggregate, ClosingInfoAvailability, ClosingInfoImage, Language, Name, Recovery, Refresh, SecurityLevel, ServiceProvider, SignOnRealm, SyncMode, TransportSecurity, TxImage, URL, and Version tied to it.

This property is read-only and not available at design time.

Default Value

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