IPWorks OFX 2020 Android Edition

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ImageFileName Property

Filename and location to save the image content of a transaction or statement.


public String getImageFileName();
public void setImageFileName(String imageFileName);


When calling the GetImage method, the image content is returned by that method. If you want the image content to be written to disk, you can set the ImageFileName to a desired file name without specifying the type. The file type will be set automatically depending on the image type supported by the server. Possible image types are: jpeg, tiff, png, pdf.

If the filename exists, you can choose to overwrite it or not by setting the Overwrite config setting (which defaults to True).

Note: Image download is available only for OFX version 2.1.1. When this method is called, the OFXVersion is automatically set to '211'.

Default Value


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