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IncludeImages Property

Whether the server has to return data for bank transactions or closing statements images.


public boolean isIncludeImages();
public void setIncludeImages(boolean includeImages);


If False (default value), the server will not return any image references in the response.

Otherwise, if the FI supports image download service :

  • when the GetStatement method is called, the server will return the image references for each transaction (e.g., check image).
  • when the GetClosingInfo method is called, the server will return a reference to the statement closing information image.

These references can then be used as parameters when the GetImage method is called.

This is optional and supported in OFX 2.1.1 version only (i.e., if this is requested, the OFXVersion should be set to '211').

Note: Clients may request images in statement download and/or closing requests in various message sets. But not all FIs support image download. Prior to requesting these images, clients must verify that support exists on the server for image download. This is indicated by the presence of the IMAGEMSGSET aggregate in the profile response, as well as the IMAGEPROF aggregate in the profile response for the specific message set in question.

For instance, if a client wishes to request transaction images in the banking statement download request, the client must verify the presence of IMAGEMSGSET in the profile as well as transaction image support in the IMAGEPROF aggregate in the BANKMSGSET in the profile. Image download requests are allowed only in OFX 2.1.1 in the Banking, Credit Card, Loan and Investments message sets.

To verify whether your FI supports this service, you should check its profile (by calling the GetProfile method in FIProfile component) and check the values of FIMessageSetTxImage and FIMessageSetClosingInfoImage for each message set (bank, credit card, loan and investment).

Default Value


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