IPWorks OFX 2020 Android Edition

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OFXBatchItems Property

A list of items (requests/response pairs) that make up the current OFX batch.


public OFXBatchItemList getOFXBatchItems();
public void setOFXBatchItems(OFXBatchItemList OFXBatchItems);


This collection represents the list of requests/responses to be sent/received through a single connection. It is used when the PostRequest, ReadOFXDataFile and WriteOFXDataFile methods are called.

Each OFX batch item has a Request, RequestType, RequestUID, and Response tied to it.

The Request should be set for each OFXBatchItemIndex = 0 to OFXBatchItemCount - 1 when any of the above listed methods are called. Upon successful response, the rest of the fields should be inspected for each index (that falls within the range listed above).

This property is not available at design time.

Default Value

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