CancelTransfer Method

Cancels a scheduled transfer.

Object Oriented Interface

public function doCancelTransfer($transferid);

Procedural Interface

ipworksofx_banktransfer_do_canceltransfer($res, $transferid);


This function generates the Signon and Transfer Cancellation request page, submits it to the financial institution via secure HTTP Post, receives the response, and parses it.

The TransferId parameter identifies the transfer to be canceled. This is the id assigned and returned by the server at the time the transfer was scheduled (that was stored in TransferId).

The following properties should be set when this method is called:

FIUrl (required)
FIId (required)
FIOrganization (required)
OFXAppId (required)
OFXAppVersion (required)
OFXVersion (required if 2.x OFX version is the one supported by your FI)
OFXUser (required)
OFXPassword (required)

Upon successful response, the server will return the TransferId which echoes the TransferId.

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