ModifyPayment Method

Modifies a scheduled payment.

Object Oriented Interface

public function doModifyPayment($paymentid);

Procedural Interface

ipworksofx_billpayment_do_modifypayment($res, $paymentid);


This function generates the Signon and Payment Modification request page, submits it to the financial institution via secure HTTP Post, receives the response, and parses it.

The PaymentId parameter identifies the targeted payment to be modified. This is the id assigned and returned by the server at the time the payment was scheduled (that was stored in PaymentId).

Between the time the client schedules a payment and the time the server processes the payment, the client may request changes (if the server allows it) to certain parameters of that payment. For example, the PaymentAmount or PaymentDateDue of the payment can be modified. This can be done by calling the ModifyPayment method. The request must specify the full contents of the payment request, including both modified and unmodified data.

The user should provide all the fields that were specified when the payment to be modified was created (when the PayBill method was called) and the PayeeListId if this was assigned. All data can be modified except the PayeeName and PayeeId.

The response normally just echoes the values passed in the request. However, if the status of a scheduled payment changes in any way, the user should expect to receive modification responses when synchronizing with the server by calling Synchronize method. For example, when a server completes a payment, the status of the payment goes from pending to posted. This status change will be included in the server response.

Please check your FI profile to see if they provide this service (bill payment modification).

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