PayeeId Property

Server-assigned payee identifier.

Object Oriented Interface

public function getPayeeId();
public function setPayeeId($value);

Procedural Interface

ipworksofx_billpayment_get($res, 27 );
ipworksofx_billpayment_set($res, 27, $value );

Default Value



Server-assigned payee identifier.

The PayeeId is assigned by the payment system to a payee. There is no requirement though that all or any payees are assigned an identifier. This string uniquely identifies the payee in the list of payees.

Either PayeeId or payee full information should be provided in a payment request, but not both.

Payee full information can be provided in the request by setting either the PayeeAggregate or payee details represented by required properties: PayeeName, PayeeAddr1, PayeeCity, PayeeState, PayeePostalCode, PayeePhone, and optional properties: PayeeAddr2, PayeeAddr3, PayeeCountry, PayeeAccount.

The PayeeId might be populated when: either a payment request (PayBill method is called) or an add payee request (AddPayee method is called) has been sent to the payment server, or when the PayeeAggregate has been set.

Data Type


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