ChallengeQuestionId Property

Identifier for the challenge question.

Object Oriented Interface

public function getChallengeQuestionId($challengequestionindex);

Procedural Interface

ipworksofx_fiprofile_get($res, 5 , $challengequestionindex);

Default Value



Identifier for the challenge question.

This is unique for this challenge question, but not unique for the user, session, etc.

The following table details the list of possible reserved values for ChallengeQuestionId and corresponding textual description of the challenge question:

ChallengeQuestionId ChallengeQuestion
MFA1 City of birth
MFA2 Date of birth, formatted MM/DD/YYYY
MFA3 Debit card number
MFA4 Father's middle name
MFA5 Favorite color
MFA6 First pet's name
MFA7 Five digit ZIP code
MFA8 Grandmother's maiden name on your father's side
MFA9 Grandmother's maiden name on your mother's side
MFA10 Last four digits of your cell phone number
MFA11 Last four digits of your daytime phone number
MFA12 Last four digits of your home phone number
MFA13 Last four digits of your social security number
MFA14 Last four digits of your tax ID
MFA15 Month of birth of youngest sibling, do not abbreviate
MFA16 Mother's maiden name
MFA17 Mother's middle name
MFA18 Name of the company where you had your first job
MFA19 Name of the manufacturer of your first car
MFA20 Name of the street you grew up on
MFA21 Name of your high school football team, do not include high school name, e.g. "Beavers" rather than "Central High Beavers"
MFA22 Recent deposit or recent withdrawal amount
MFA23 Year of birth, formatted YYYY
MFA101 Datetime, formatted YYYYMMDDHHMMSS
MFA102 Host name
MFA103 IP Address
MFA104 MAC Address
MFA105 Operating System version
MFA106 Processor architecture, e.g. I386
MFA107 UserAgent

Note:Values above MFA100 are reserved for questions that the server expects the client to answer. These do not require customer responses. All other IDs as well as server specific IDs expect customer responses. Clients may need to identify out of band which of the IDs above MFA100 they support.

The $challengequestionindex parameter specifies the index of the item in the array. The size of the array is controlled by the ChallengeQuestionCount property.

This property is read-only and not available at design time.

Data Type


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