OFXAccessKey Property

Access key value received after a MFA authentication in a previous signon.

Object Oriented Interface

public function getOFXAccessKey();
public function setOFXAccessKey($value);

Procedural Interface

ipworksofx_invstatement_get($res, 37 );
ipworksofx_invstatement_set($res, 37, $value );

Default Value



This might be returned in the server response after a MFA authentication (i.e. MFA challenge question/answer pairs were validated by the server when the SendChallengeAnswers method in FIProfile class was called).

To prevent servers from needing to authenticate the user in each OFX request, the server may respond to a correct set of challenge answers with a OFXAccessKey on the signon response (when the SendChallengeAnswers method in FIProfile class was called).

The server determines the contents of this optional element. On each subsequent signon request, the client will send the last value of the OFXAccessKey it has received, even after the end of the current session. The server has the option to respond to any subsequent request with a 3000 error code, requiring the client to send the MFA challenge questions request again (by calling the RequestChallengeQuestions method in FIProfile class). This allows the server to determine the lifetime of the OFXAccessKey.

Data Type


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